About Akamanand Giri Ji Maharaj

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परम पूज्य अध्यात्मवेत्ता, वेदान्तविज्ञ, तपोनिष्ठ, श्री 1008 श्री स्वामी अकामानन्द गिरी जी महाराज, हरिद्वार

"Knowing Yourself Is The Beginning Of All Wisdom !!

Swami Akamanand Ji believe that until a human being takes care of his basic needs, he/she cannot focus on spiritual development of mind.

Maharaj Ji has students from all over the world who have benefited from his teachings. He does not promote himself and the work to disseminate his teachings as well as this website has been done by his thankful devotees.

Swami ji usually comes amongst us to illuminate the truth and awaken his devotees. He has gained all his knowledge from one such enlightened world teacher, Yug Purush MahaMandeleshwar Swami Parmanand Giri Ji Maharaj.

"Your body knows more about your spiritual well being than your mind does.
Teach your mind to listen to it !!

Under his Guru's guidance, he completed his education and then he took vows of sanyas and chose the path of a Karma Yogi, dedicating his life for the welfare of humanity.
As an enlightened scholar, teacher, philosopher, and spiritual Guru, Swami Ji has a following from all around the nation.

He travels nationwide to share his knowledge by teaching, giving darshan, and imparting knowledge as an initiation to those who are ready to receive it. Under his guidance, many people have recognized the eternal divinity that resides within each and every one of us.